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About Danielle

I am a full time decorative, pet artist and I like to create functional art. I paint on just about any surface, wood, canvas, ceramic, glass, leather,metal, rocks. I use non toxic paints compatible with each surface to ensure long lasting wear. I also like to recondition old pieces of furniture and turn them into whimsical pieces. Custom orders are my specialty, I have clients all over the world.

I sell strictly online since time does not permit me otherwise, unfortunately. My pets, previous and present, are a big inspiration to me. I currently have  2 rescue pets, Kelsie, a mixed breed dog and Storm, a tortoiseshell cat.

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“She is passionate about the animals she paints. Oh, Danielle Theos has done some Art Deco pieces and “quite a few landscapes,” but she prefers her subjects four-footed. The Long Island-based artist has painted just about every bred of dog or cat imaginable – everything from large and lordly Irish wolfhounds and Sphynx cats with their nearly hairless and soft-as-suede bodies to miniature Schnauzers and long-haired foxy-looking Somali cats.

She works on a variety of surfaces: ceramic, wood, canvas, silk, metal, and rocks. Yes, rocks. “I constantly look for new surfaces to create something unique to paint,” Theos explains.Strangely enough, painting wasn’t her first love – writing was. Because of her father’s work as an international journalist, she traveled around a lot and studied in France, Hungary, and Romania: she learned about other cultures and ended up taking degrees in art, marketing, and literature while still in Europe. Her focus”…… read more about Danielle at Sketch People Pet Passions by T.J. Banks


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