Painted Brooch For Pet and Animal Lovers


2 1/2″ diameter heart shaped wood with pin clasp on back that is painted with non toxic paint. From a photo reference or by description (example: Collie, color: blue merle with all tan muzzle)


Custom Hand Painted Brooch / Pin For The Pet and Animal Lovers.

Any woman in your life who cherishes her furry friends, whether mother, wife or girlfriend, as well as any other woman with whom you are friends, relatives, pending relatives or associates, will love to see her pets on her custom-painted pin or brooch, and will treasure the item for what it represents to her. Danielle paints each item with artistic love while using acrylic, non-toxic paints. This is yet another example of a gift that is unique and beautiful, and will put a smile on any woman’s face. She can wear them anywhere and everywhere, displaying them proudly to loved ones and strangers alike. They can also be given as an appreciative ‘Thank you’ or ‘I love you’ gesture.

The brooch, also known as a fibula in latin, has been one of the leading fashions for decorative jewelry, and pinning to clothing since the Bronze Age. Some of the earliest brooches were created from bone, moving to other material as it became more fashionable. A painted brooch is just one example of this long-lasting clothing pin that also has a long established history in costumes.

painted brooch
Some examples of Cat Painted Brooches by Danielle’s Originals

Not only have brooches been around to wear but also one of those items highly collected and some, in time, can become worth 100 times more then it was originally purchased.  According to the Guinness World Records, the largest brooch collection of 4,061 different brooches is currently held by Adam Wide.  So rather you desire a painted brooch to show off your favorite pet or to add that addition to your collection Danielle’s hand painted brooch certainly will fill either appeal.

At Danielle’s Originals we offer the heart shaped hand painted brooch to be custom painted. For a finished, none custom, painted brooch visit Danielle’s Originals Etsy Store.

Additional information

Weight 9 oz
One Subject

This is for ordering one subject on a brooch / pin.

Using Your Photos

Once your order has been completed the cart will take you to a success page where you than can upload and send the artist the image of your dog, cat, animal or other desired subject.


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