Painted Men’s Wallet Pet or Animal Lover


Genuine leather wallets available in bi-fold and tri-fold and mainly in black color. For special request please email Danielle for other colors.
Multiple pets can also be painted on one wallet, special prices available on request.
Good images are required and pets don’t have to be in the same photo.




Painted Men’s Wallet, Hand-painted For him.

If you are looking for that unique gift for any man, that is both personal and hand-painted, Danielle can provide that perfect gift. Men love their pets as much as women do, and if they have a beloved dog or cat or another pet that shares their lives, one of the included gifts would go very well for one or more men in your life.

If the favorite men in your life enjoy masculine items such as cars, guitars or other collectibles, Danielle will also hand-paint one of those items on a men’s wallet.

painted men's wallet

A hand-painted men’s wallet will add that special touch. Here is just one customer testimony to share with you.

“Hi, Had a wonderful time in Canada with Lance and all the dog mushers that showed up. He was totally surprised when I gave him the wallet. He said it looked just like Zorro. I told him that the picture was done with leather paint and should not come off….but he said he wasn’t going to worry about that because it was going up on his trophy case and be right next to his Iditarod Trophy. He stated he was so impressed with people that had talent to do what you did and he wanted you to know that he was in awe of your talent. Thanks again for making it a great day. ”
Opal Krout

An interesting fact about men’s wallets in particular, is that there was no similar item in use until the development of paper money in the west in the 1600s. Prior to this time, men would carry knapsacks, which held all of their various personal articles, and while knapsacks are still used today, they are completely different in appearance than they used to be.

Genuine leather wallets are available in bi-fold and tri-fold and are mainly black in color. However, Danielle will fulfill special requests in different colors if asked via email.

Multiple pets can be painted on each wallet at a special cost, again available by request.


At Danielle’s Originals we offer custom hand painted men’s wallets. For a finished, none custom, painted men’s leather wallets visit Danielle’s Originals Etsy Store.

Additional information

Weight 24 oz
Using Your Photos

Once your order has been completed the cart will take you to a success page where you than can upload and send the artist the image of your dog, cat, animal or other desired subject.

No. Folds

Bi, Tri


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