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Hand Painted Mailbox, Post Dome


Select from Standard Letter of Parcel size metal mailbox painted with non toxic paint and sealed for outdoor use. Up to three subjects per mailbox, with or with out landscape.



Custom hand painted mailbox of your favorite pet or animal.

The next gift is for anyone who likes the idea of giving a gift that is different and yet unique, as well as attractive, adorning the front of one’s door or wherever else one’s mailbox is placed. These are custom-painted mailboxes, which are a universal gift for any gender and any occasion, and of course what makes them extra special is that they are hand-painted to order, with a picture of your favorite pet(s) or animals(s).

If the gift recipient should happen to be male, or the browser of these items is male, having a painted mailbox with either his own beloved pet or any other animal including wildlife, would be an attractive personal touch for his exterior living space, and would certainly dress it up in masculine form, if that is what he desires. The same applies to a woman looking to beautify her home’s exterior.

Did you know? United States Postal Box History: The dome-shaped letter boxes, like the one offered here hand-painted, became available in 1915 and was an approved design by the U.S. Postal Office. However, the United States Postal Service itself was not established until 1971, nearly 55 years later. Now these dome-shaped mailboxes are widely used in rural America, and must meet the strict standards of the United States Postal Service.

hand painted mailbox
One example of a hand painted
mailbox by Danielle’s Originals

Danielle has been hand painting mailboxes for several years, doing well over seventy on standard sizes to date. What she offers for options in the hand-painted mailbox is: 1 pet on one side; the same pet on two sides, or the same pet on three sides; she can do the same for two pets, or three, charging more per pet, but at a discount per each pet added. Last name and address personalization available on request at no additional fee. If you desire a landscape to go with your pet(s), Danielle will be happy to do that for you at an additional cost.

At Danielle’s Originals we offer custom hand painted mailboxes. For a finished, none custom, painted mailboxes visit Danielle’s Originals Etsy Store.

Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions N/A
No. Subjects

1, 2, 3


Letter, Parcel


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