Custom Painted Necklace, Chain Pendant


This is a chain necklace, that is lead free, comes with two length options.  With a custom hand-painted ceramic pendant to order by photo reference or by description (examples: White-tail Deer bust or Dachshund in black and tan bust)



Custom Painted Necklace – Chain and Pendant custom painted for him.

A terrific gift idea for all ages is a hand-painted chain and pendant necklace, whether for a teenage boy or an elderly father. What makes these hand-painted necklaces different from the rest that are on the market, is that they are beautifully custom-painted. For the one receiving the gift, the necklace will include a picture of a beloved pet, whether a pet who has passed on, or a furry friend that is currently in his life.

Pets are not the only subject Danielle will paint, she is open to do any type of wildlife or animal species one may desire. Simply let her know during check-out in the “note” area in the cart.

custom painted necklace
An example of Danielle’s Originals
custom painted necklace pendant
with chain

This custom-painted chain and pendant necklace would also make a great gift for a woman at those more casual times when she would prefer to dress in leisurewear or sportswear. This product is truly versatile.

Danielle’s Originals offers this necklace in various lengths, so have that lasting custom painted necklace created for you today.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate in contacting Danielle before ordering.

For finished, none custom, custom painted necklaces visit Danielle’s Originals at Etsy.

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From Photos

Once you have placed your order send your image to Danielle.

Chain Lengths Available

18, 20


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