Hand-Painted Necktie for Pet and Animal Lover


4″x 60″ silk tie that is hand-made. Comes in black, navy blue, or burgandy . I am the artist not the neck tie maker. From a photo reference or by description (example: Collie, color: blue merle with all tan muzzle)



Hand-Painted Necktie for the pet or animal lover.

One of the most common personal accessories for men is the necktie. Like a woman with a scarf, it adds that extra touch to the style they prefer to wear, whether it be formal or informal. What better way to accent a man’s attire than with a hand-painted necktie by Danielle’s Originals.

When shopping for presents for a man for Father’s Day, Birthday or Christmas, this personalized gift will set him apart from other men. Whatever favorite pet he wants represented on his necktie, will add that attractive and sentimental touch.


hand painted necktie
An example of Danielle’s Original hand-painted necktie

Although neckties have traditionally been worn by men, women also find them appealing. In this 16 Ways a Woman Can Pull Of Wearing Neckties article by The Gloss, it shows how women wear them differently and even as hair bands. Therefore, this gift would be ideal for either gender. Each silk necktie is 4 inches by 60 inches, beautifully hand-made, and offered only in black at this time.

Each silk necktie is 4 inches by 60 inches, hand-made by another person.  Danielle offers black yet also offers navy blue or burgundy by request.

For finished, none custom, hand-painted neckties visit Danielle’s Originals at Etsy.

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Weight 30 oz
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1, 2, 3

Using Your Photos

Once your order has been completed the cart will take you to a success page where you than can upload and send the artist the image of your dog, cat, animal or other desired subject.

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