Pet Portrait Painting Art Canvas 4×6


Done with non toxic paint and varnish on either board canvas or stretched canvas, framing will be needed. From a photo reference of one pet.



Custom Pet Portrait Painting Art Canvas Service.

When buying gifts for birthdays, all of us want to be inventive, trying to get the present that will be the most appreciated. With so many choices, it gets to be a time consuming process, and if the budget is limited, getting gifts for birthdays and other occasions becomes harder. If one is looking for birthday gifts for someone who has a cat, dog or any other pet, a great choice is a custom-painted cat or dog canvas portrait. Any pet owner or lover will cherish it and display it on the wall for everyone to see. The gifts that you have given will be beautiful, unique and much appreciated and your task will have been accomplished with relatively little hassle.

Like human portraiture, pet portrait painting has been around for a very long time. Portraits would capture the subject matter beautifully, even before photography became popular, and today it is still widely desired.  Like most arts, portraits are also found representing the various artistic movements and styles through the ages.  One example of this is Lavinia Fontana’s portrait of the Lady with a Lap Dog from the Renaissance era.

At Danielle’s Originals, her pet portrait painting is done in a more whimsical, but realistic representation of your beloved dog or cat

pet portrait painting

Danielle will custom hand-paint from your pictures, any pet in the size and style of your choice on canvas (see additional size options in the store). Immortalize your pet today with Danielle’s pet portrait painting service.


Don’t forget to take a look at Danielle’s finished, none custom, items at Danielle’s Originals Etsy Store.

Additional information

Weight 11 oz
No. Subjects

1, 2, 3

Using Your Photos

Once your order has been completed the cart will take you to a success page where you than can upload and send the artist the image of your dog, cat, animal or other desired subject.

Canvas Type

board, stretched


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