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Pet Lover Christmas Ornaments Hand-painted


3″ diameter round ceramic bisque ornament that is hand-painted with non toxic paint. Ribbon for hanging is included. Also great for a rear view mirror dangler.


Pet Lover Christmas Ornaments custom hand-painted

Christmas tree ornaments can be made from a wide variety of materials, and are available in a huge selection of sizes and shapes, in any color imaginable. Of course, most Christmas ornaments sold in stores are mass-produced, but there are many websites which specialize in custom-ordered personalized Christmas ornaments.

More money is spent on Christmas presents than for all other holidays combined, and if one is looking for an ornament for a Christmas tree, whether it be for themselves or a friend or relative, most people enjoy an extensive variety from which to choose. Most likely, they will choose an ornament that is unique and special, and either cute or beautiful depending on the personal taste of the receiver of the gift, which will hopefully be durable and stand the test of time. Many families have personalized, and home-made Christmas ornaments that have been passed on for generations, and Danielle’s beautiful artistry will be treasured and much appreciated.

pet lover Christmas ornaments
examples of Danielle’s hand-painted
pet lover Christmas ornaments

Most families who have pets, feel that they are also family members. With a custom- hand-painted Christmas ornament commemorating a current pet or a beloved furry friend who has passed away, this certainly will help the family to remember the pet or pets during the holiday season.

Danielle will custom-hand-paint those personal pet lover Christmas ornaments using a photo you provide. If you prefer to not use one of your own pictures for the ornaments, you can send Danielle a picture of any animal of your choice, and she will custom-hand-paint it for you. This could be any cat, dog, horse, pet or other animal that you wish, including wildlife, as well as different subjects. Let Danielle know, during check-out (in the note area) and she will provide what you desire.

Don’t forget to take a look at Danielle’s finished, none custom, Pet Lover Christmas Ornaments at Danielle’s Originals Etsy Store.

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Weight 10 oz

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